Network Design

Assessment Item 2–Supplementary Written Assessment
COIT20264 Network Design (HT 2, 2018) Assessment TaskYou are required to undertake the physical design of the networkusing Top-down network design methodology. You are also required tocomplete your final network design report.
Your report should include the following: 1.Executive Summary 2.Table of Contents 3.Project Goal 4.Project Scope 5.Business Goals and Constraints 6.Technical Goals and Tradeoffs 7.Table of User Communities, Data Stores, Network Applications and Traffic Flows 8.The explanation and justification of your logical network design 9.The logical network diagram(s) including addressing and naming 10.The list of routing and switching protocols, and security mechanisms 11.The physical network diagram 12. The table of networking & communication devices and applications required, including the cost of each of them, the IP addresses, the product numbers as well as the approximate total cost 13.The explanation and justification of 12 abo…

Accounting for Managers

Accounting for Managers
ASSIGNMENT 1                                        (20 MARKS)
In grade book you will see a section “Company number” with a number between 1 and 6.

This is the number of the company that you are allocated for this assignment.

1. Aristocrat Leisure Ltd (ALL) 2. Bega Cheese Ltd (BGA) 3. Cash Converters International Ltd (CCV) 4. JB Hi Fi Ltd (JBH) 5. Retail Food Group Ltd (RFG) 6. Woolworths Ltd (WOW)

Accounting For Managers


Question 1 (5 marks)
Refer to the company you studied for Assignment one. Using some of the information you gleaned there, as well as additional information, calculate the cash cycle period for each of the five years. Then, reviewing the Statement of Cash flows for the most recent two years, evaluate the trends of overall cash flows, but particularly those related to cash flows from operating activities.

Question 2(8 marks)

Telesmart Ltd. manufactures a high end smart phone with dual sim cards that is popular with young travelers. Related financial data for this product for the last year is as follows:

Sales 5,000 units Selling price $420 per unit Variable manufacturing cost $144 per unit Fixed manufacturing costs $460,000 Variable selling and administrative costs $36 per unit Fixed selling and administrative costs $500,000.

The CEO is under pressure from the Board of Directors to increase the profitability of the phones and has asked executives from different departments for su…

Develop & Implement A Business Plan


Task 1: Develop business planPerformance objective
You will demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to research, analyse and develop a business plan.
Assessment description
There are two parts to this assessment.
Part A
Use the information provided in the case study ‘Fast Track Couriers’ (see Appendix 1) to develop a business plan to support the company’s strategic and operational goals. Develop a plan for communicating the business plan to relevant parties.
Part B