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You May be Using Your Smartphone More Than You Realize

The Smartphone usage has increased so much that you do not realize how much you depend on them. Earlier, self-reporting apps were used to track the time spent on phones but it was soon discovered that the smartphone usage reported by these apps didn’t match the actual usage. How is phone usage turning into addiction? Smartphones have become a part of everyday existence so much so that you use them almost involuntarily. Some interactions with your phone such as checking notifications or looking at the time don’t last for even a minute. Yet, these brief interactions are happening so frequently that you stop registering them. There are some people who live in their own world of self-delusion and simply won’t accept that they spend excessive time in the company of technology instead of people. Far from it, they won’t accept their dependence on technology. Looking closely, it can be a matter of reflexive use, like checking a live music streaming app to listen to music without necessarily inte…

Recognizing Great High Schools by What They Actually Do?

It has been a norm to recognize schools based on their state-mandated test scores. The competition among high schools racing to finish at the top gets extremely fierce as they know that the overall scores would be made public and none of them wants to be ranked as a lower-performing school. Consequently, the teachers in the city high schools are instructed to prepare students to perform well in tests. And this is exactly what they do. What is the problem with the current recognition system? It was a relatively easy task until a few years ago to classify a school based on test scores, but things have changed the way a “great school” is recognized today. The test-based policies cannot ensure greater learning and many people have realized this truth. This has resulted in a spurt of ideas that bring to life more liberal and progressive models of what a great high school should be. Surveys across the countries show that the students studying in more prosperous neighbourhoods school perform ou…

Format For a Research Paper - A Guide For Students

A research paper is an academic essay, a thesis, or a dissertation that is based on the original research and analysis of a certain topic and the explanation of the research outcome. The basic format for a research paper involves choosing a topic, finding information, making thesis statement, and organizing your findings to arrive at a conclusion. Here is a step wise guide for students to understand the format for a research paper: 1.Pick a topic Start by selecting a topic that intrigues and challenges you. Pick a topic on which you can find enough source materials. Avoid essay writing topicsthat seem too academic, technical, or advanced for you to manage.   2.Collect information The internet is an accessible medium that offers plenty of information on everything. Browse the sites that seem more reliable such as official or government sites. Check domain names to narrow your search. You can consult library books, printed materials like encyclopedias, reports, newspapers, magazines, etc. On…

Current Research Topic on Arts

In the current age, media literacy is enriching our visual culture by soaking us in a range of images – from photography, television, videos, sculpture, murals, the Internet, and art galleries, city streets, buildings, to the university halls. These visual installations entertain, entice, enlighten, and influence us, thus making visual aptitude and media culture essential to our critical thinking. Importance of research in the field of Arts The study of architecture, art, and visual culture offers various useful and intellectual skills that help you to analyze surroundings, the built objects, and also to understand their social impact. Art enhances your ability to imagine visually, to come up with solutions for spatial problems, and develops a deep sense of creativity at the same time.

Art is an interdisciplinary subject that inspires students to examine the works they learn in relation to the society, literature, languages, politics and financial systems of the era in which they were cr…

Tips For Writing A Term Paper

A Research Paper that the Students are required to write towards the end of their school semester is called the term paper. The paper is intended to examine and evaluate students’ understanding of the course. The term paper can be a dissertation on an assigned topic or a technical report that requires lots of research and writing expertise.
This academic assignment must be well-researched and well-structured as it reflects your understanding of the chosen course. Here are a few tips to help to write a term paper: Create an overview of the paperBefore you start writing and researching for your term paper, create an outline that will serve as a draft for your writing work. You can study a few paper templates to understand the essay format to be used for writing the paper. Check with your instructor if there are any specific instructions that need to be followed. Typically, a term paper consists of three parts - an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. 2.Choose a topic While the ins…

Why Students Are Stressed Today

A sudden outburst of a headache, unexpected sadness or a strange anxiety feeling is common among students these days. All these conditions can be attributed to stress. Many students claim that they feel too stressed to study or meet their friends, and even consider giving up school completely. It is quite hurtful to see the students struggling. Some of them try to look happy and positive but actually, they are quite far from it. Just like soft clouds gliding in the sky while a dangerous storm brews underneath them. It is hard to find out if a student needs help before it’s too late. The students are found to experience stress on a regular basis. Some students have been diagnosed with a serious mental health issue while some had considered suicide in the past few months. For a student to consider committing suicide is a serious problem as they probably can’t find any other solution. They feel trapped in a certain situation and suicide seems to be their only option, and this is very alar…

How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper

An abstract summarizes the major features of a research paper in a given order. It includes the overall idea behind the research, the basic study design, important findings of your analysis, a short summary of your analysis, and conclusions. The abstract allows a writer to explain each feature of the paper and makes the paper valuable for the readers who want to study your work.

Kinds of Abstract A simple rule to know whether the abstract is good is to check if it provides sufficient information about your research. Here are the different kinds of abstracts that you can incorporate into your paper: ·Descriptive Abstract A descriptive abstract specifies the kind of information that the paper provides. It incorporates keywords that occur in the text and includes the objective, scope, and methodologies used in the research. It doesn’t offer any opinion or conclusions about the research. The descriptive abstract only summarizes the work described in the paper so it is often considered as an o…

Want to Have Fun Instead of a College Paper?

Writing college papers on assigned topics with no room for flexibility can push even the best minds to boredom. It's easy to get distracted writing a paper you're not greatly interested in. If you want to have fun and enjoy essay writing activities, here is some useful advice for you: ·Imagine the topic is amazing : Even if it is a dull topic, try to get into it. For instance, if you have to differentiate between winter solstice and summer solstice, don't just cry out at the dis interesting topic. Instead, think of it as something that you can explore from a new direction. Say to yourself, ‘winter is fun, I like it. I can’t say the same about the summers though, but this should be fun too.... maybe now I will understand the equinoxes better too’. ·Think differently  : Going back to the example, the topic requires you to differentiate between the two seasons. Just sit back and question yourself why do you need to differentiate between them? They both are seasons that come ev…

Problem Solution Essay Structure

Problem-Solution essays are short essays for IELTS or subject exams that examine the problems of a specific situation and offer solutions to these problems. The structure of problem-solution essays includes four main sections – Situation (Introduction), Problem, Solution, and Evaluation (Conclusion). Structure of problem solution essays Problem-solution essays can be structured in two main ways, namely a block or a chain arrangement. In the block arrangement, all the problems are described first, and all the solutions are explained later. In the chain arrangement, each problem is immediately followed by its solution. Both the structures have their own advantages. The former is a better choice for writing shorter essays, whereas the latter allows you to present solutions related directly to the given problems. Let us start writing a problem solution essay with the basic four-section structure in mind: Section 1- Introduction This section has two sentences – the question and the outline stat…