5 Ways to Revise Your Source Based Essay

Revision is the best way to ensure the credibility of an essay. In the literal sense, revision means ‘to see again’. Here are 5 assignment writing tips to revise an essay:  

1.      Revise to communicate well
For academic writing, you need to include sources and transition markers so the readers can follow your path of thoughts. While revising, make sure that the outcome is clearly communicated to your target audience.  
2.                  Revise to give new life to your essay
Draft and organize your ideas such that the readers can understand your essay. You can refine your arguments and remove descriptions that are not needed to make your essay more powerful.
3.                  Revise to remove grammatical errors 
Proofreading can strengthen your arguments and turn a simple piece into a brilliant essay.  Pay attention to the general structure and flow of your essay during revision.
4.                  Revise to include sources
Citing sources enhances the worth of an essay by giving readers something to verify the facts stated in the essay. Make sure you have cited the sources in the recommended format.
5.                  Revise to remove ambiguity
Reading aloud often helps to focus and shape ideas. Revise by presenting your paper orally to discover ambiguous and abrupt transitions in your essay.  
Whether you are a professional writer or just a novice, you can remarkably improve your assignment writing skills by revising your source-based essay.


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