Why Students Are Stressed Today

A sudden outburst of a headache, unexpected sadness or a strange anxiety feeling is common among students these days. All these conditions can be attributed to stress. Many students claim that they feel too stressed to study or meet their friends, and even consider giving up school completely.
It is quite hurtful to see the students struggling. Some of them try to look happy and positive but actually, they are quite far from it. Just like soft clouds gliding in the sky while a dangerous storm brews underneath them. It is hard to find out if a student needs help before it’s too late.
The students are found to experience stress on a regular basis. Some students have been diagnosed with a serious mental health issue while some had considered suicide in the past few months. For a student to consider committing suicide is a serious problem as they probably can’t find any other solution. They feel trapped in a certain situation and suicide seems to be their only option, and this is very alarming.
Why students feel stressed?
Undeniably, the students today feel overwhelmed as they have to perform excellently in academics as well as in their social life. Students are required to take up jobs or work internships for an experience. They start comparing themselves to their colleagues, who may appear to be handling their workload very well. They are also coerced by their families and have to manage education loans that they have to pay off soon. They feel weighed down with so much to deal with and face trouble coping with it all.
Let’s look at some factors that aggravate stress in a student’s life:
·         Demands from school and parents
The students feel that they might fail to succeed in academics and this is making them nervous and stressed. This leaves a negative impact on their scholarly and social success. It is not uncommon to gauge the worth of students through their academic achievements and grades, rather than on the individual qualities that they have. In an attempt to improve child’s concentration, parents get rid of internet and cable connection, leaving the child surrounded by studies and stress. Several students accepted that they are pressurized by their parents for better academic performance. While better performance opens greater avenues for students in terms of education and career, it doesn’t prepare them to cope up with the stress in their upcoming life.  
·         Problems in our education system
Our education system has been time and again blamed for aggravating stress. The current education system is inclined towards the memorizing capability of students and how much time can they devote to studies. This leaves very little time for students to indulge in recreational activities and socializing, which, in reality, contributes immensely towards students’ development and happiness level. The performance of a student in high school determines the university or field of study he/she gets admission in. The students are again stressed out to clear entrance exams for top colleges and universities. With limited seats at premium colleges, the students have to endure tough competition to finally get into the college of their choice.
·         Tough work schedules
New subjects to learn, financial burdens, and plans for academic future takes a toll on the body and results in educational disruption. The stress doesn’t affect your mental wellbeing, but your physical health as well. Insomnia, skin problems, recurrent infections, backaches are just a few problems that you might face. College students are feeling more pressurized to be successful, and this has started to hurt them.
College counsellors suggest that students are expected to excel at everything. They feel pressure from their family or peers or are even driven by their own expectations to succeed.  What can be a little disappointment in real life seems like a big failure to them. Getting slightly lower grades can completely shatter some students and they find it extremely difficult to pick up the pieces together. Students who performed well in the school may have trouble in adjusting to the college life. They are probably not used to being imperfect and face problems in dealing with small mistakes.
How to relieve stress among students?
With the suicidal tendencies and stress-related problems on the rise among students, let’s look at some solution to relieve their stress and keep them motivated:
·         We lay so much emphasis on higher grades that it takes the fun element out of learning. The students can learn anything if it is taught in an interesting way. Here comes the role of the teachers who can boost the performance of students by finding an interesting way to teach students and resolve their queries in a comforting manner. After all, there is no point in sending a child to a top school that charges high tuition fees if he has to eventually take private tuitions.
·       Every student is unique and learns at his/her own pace. Since every student learns differently, parents and teachers could help them to develop effective learning methods so the students can study on their own.
·      With examinations just around the corner, every parent should understand that it is just an exam and the entire life of their child doesn’t depend on one paper. In fact, the real success of a person lies in how well they choose to utilize their resources and what actions they undertake. The grades can certainly not decide the fate of the students.
·       The students are advised to look after their mental well being and take out time to rejuvenate themselves. They can break up their usual routine with a long walk after studying, register for a yoga class, or just do some volunteering services. In case they feel stressed, they should seek help and emotional support from counselors and parents.
With lesser seats and a higher number of candidates, there is a stiff competition to get admission into the top universities. Assignment writing services can help students to write quality papers for college admissions and relieve their stress to a great extent.


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