Research Methodology

 Introduction to Research

Assignment 3 – Methodology


1.   State your research problems and re-organize your collected literatures

a.     Prepare a statement on your research problem

b.    Try to structure the problem into a set of smaller sub-problems if possible

c.     Organize the collected literatures according to the sub-problems defined

d.    Record your work using the table below

Research Problem


Collected Literature

Problem 1

Sub-problem 1

Literature 1

Literature 2

Sub-problem 2

Problem 2

Sub-problem n

2.    Determine the types of methodology (qualitative or quantitative)

a.     Compare and contrast the features of qualitative and quantitative methodologies

b.   Decide what type of methodology you plan to applied in your project and justify your decision

3.    Review, analyse and summarize the existing methodologies reported in the collected literatures

 a.     Select one sub-problem that you are going to work with. Get all the related literatures ready for further analysis.

b.  Take intensive reading to identify research problems and the methodologies used to solve the proposed problems

c.     Rate the relevance of the literature to your sub-problem

d.    Record your work using the table below

Literature #

Research Problem


Your Sub-problem


4.    Propose your methodology

a.     There are three common options to identify your methodology

i.    to take use of any existing methodology from literature

ii. to use an existing methodology or a set of existing methodologies with your modification (major or minor)

iii. to proposal a novel methodology based on your own understanding if you cannot find any existing methodology from literature that can solve your research problem

b.   Determine which option that you would like to take and justify your reasons

c.     List benefits and limitation of your methodology

d.   Provide a framework of your methodology to show the main processes, steps and tasks to be taken (i.e. flowchart can help to show your framework) with detailed explanations

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