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IT Security


Group Presentation: Research Security vulnerability tools using Kali (Linux)

As a group, present for approximately 30 minutes on one of the following topics. Groups need to self-organise in earlier weeks, and choose a topic in-class. Tutors will ensure that no two groups have the same topic. This task requires you to create a Kali hacking tools presentation by researching, experimenting with and explaining hacking tools features. After completing this task you should be able to use built in tools in Linux Kali to do vulnerability testing for the systems.
You should select one tool from the following list (if you want to select any other tool from Kali, please discuss with tutor):
•Zed Attack Proxy
•Metasploit Framework
•Burp Suite
You are required to investigate your selected tool and explain the syntax of the commands you use. Your presentation must include at least 6 screenshots that demonstrate different features of the tool.
Your presentation should b…

Nurture Cluster

Early Childhood Education and Care Off-the-job

Assessment Summary

This assessment is ungraded. Learners will receive a Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory result in accordance with TAFE NSW Assessment Guidelines.
All tasks must be completed to a satisfactory level to gain an overall Satisfactory result.
You should read the Learner Evidence Guide (LEG) to ensure that you have provided satisfactory responses for all questions and tasks.
What you have to do

Read the Case study then write your answers to the questions relating to the following topics using the information provided in the case study and your knowledge and understanding gained from your readings of the units within the Nurture Cluster. Your responses need to cover the following topics:
Task 1: Settling babies and toddlers into care – Bianca
Task 2: Settling Pre-schoolers in to care – George
Task 3: Developing a positive and respectful relationship with the children
Task 4: Communication and collaborative partnership wi…