Digital Marketing Essentials

Individual Critical Assignment



Task – Written Report

You are required to critically review the article titled “Using lift-testing to measure the true value of digital marketing in the cross-device world” by Dominic Williamson published inApplied Marketing Analytics Vol. 2 (105-110) No. 2 – Year 2016.You are to highlight the main findings, identify key issues cited in the article, criticism of the literature by other digital marketing authors, discuss limitations of this study, future implications and your recommendation. Use appropriate theory and references in your write up.

1.            You should include the following report structure:
Please use appropriate headings to cover each aspect of this assessment task. You will definitely need to use at least the following headings:

1.    Table of contents
2.       Introduction
3.       Key Issues& Challenges
4.       Limitation & Implications
5.       Criticism of the Literature
6.       Recommendations
7.       Conclusion
8.       Reference List

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