Impact of Internet & Robotics on the Accounting Profession

The impact of the Internet of Things &

Robotics on the Accounting 


Discuss the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotics on the accounting profession. Please support your arguments with empirical evidence wherever possible .Submissions will be in the form of an essay.


• General statement: a sentence or 2 to orient the reader to the topic sets the context for the topic in a broad way
• Thesis statement: your line of argument (your contention) should be clear and unambiguous
• Preview: an outline of the main points (the key arguments to support your contention) to be presented in the essay

The body

• one main point or key idea per paragraph
• a topic sentence for each paragraph, which conveys the main idea of the paragraph
• supporting sentences which provide discussion and examples which add to and expand upon the topic sentence (using your research and citing your sources)


• summarises the main points or arguments
• restates the major point of view (your answer to the question)
• includes no new information
• should not need references

Please consider the following guidelines when writing your essay:  

• answer the question directly
• develop an argument logically and coherently
• ensure all your arguments are based on sound evidence
• essay illustrates wide reading and a good understanding of the topic
• ensure all your arguments are concise and clear
• This assessment task must be word processed, in size 12 font using double-line spacing with a left margin of 2 cm.
• The Faculty of Business uses the Harvard method of referencing. The library website also provides useful information on how to correctly use the Harvard method of referencing.
·       Define IOT
·       Robotics (What you understand of it)
·       Accounting Profession. – why they want to define
-in what ways to understand
- the role/ required of the accounts (demanding of them)
- what is going on the current environments. (technology, influencing the world)
- how technology influence the accountants
2 ways:

1.    What is duties, responsibilities, How IOT& Robotics impact on my work (narrow)
-         Robotics, more effective, save time
2.    (generally) social media- business through, client not directly sell to clients, sell through internet, influence my work.
-security (information you put in is correct), no good security, everyone can enter, put wrong information
*5 articles
*5 journals

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