Individual Report Based on Group Presentation

Assessment one – Individual report based on group presentation

This assignment consists of two parts, a group presentation and an individual report. Both elements are compulsory: the presentation is formative, i.e. it is not awarded a mark but participation is required (i.e. compulsory) in order to submit the individual report.

Task: Using a Greenway Hotels Group case study which you will be given in your first seminar:

What is formative assessment?

Formative assessment refers to a way of assessing students’ learning in order to help to improve their understanding; it is thus developmental rather than evaluative (or ‘summative’) in nature. The individual report should develop from the group presentation exercise and the formative feedback provided by your tutor. The report is not meant to be a simple writing up of the presentation; there should be clear development of it, not least to avoid any risk of plagiarism!

Note: Prepare an individual report on the Cross-cultural management and question of your presentation. Please read the following guidelines carefully:
·       Your report should be based onindividual research on your topic (that is, you are not to write it collectively with fellow students).
·     You should develop your points from the presentation further, rather than just repeating it in written form.

·  While the report is based on the presentation topic and should remain practically focused, it should be appropriately supported with evidence and properly referenced throughout. You should include relevant theory to support your discussion but avoid just describing it; the emphasis here is on applying theory to practice from a problem-solving perspective.

·       Your report should not merely summarise the case study, it should address your topic question. The report will need to start with a clear and succinct summary in which you highlight the issues you ant to purse.You should use the case study to illustrate the topic, and demonstrate your knowledge of the topic.

·       It is important that your report develops an argument rather than just summarising points from the textbook, the case study or the group presentation.

If you need some guidance on understanding the report format and preparing it, please contact University of Greenwich study skills unit or refer to:

Recommended Sources to help develop your ideas and arguments:

·   HRM/Employment Relations textbooks (e.g. Brewster et al, 2011)
· Academic journals (e.g. Journal of Human Resource Management, Journal of Management)
· HR Practitioner sources (e.g. CIPD publications, People Management magazine)
· Newspaper articles (e.g. Financial Times, Independent, Guardian, not tabloids like, for example, the Sun)
·       CIPD website (

Format:   Word-processed, eleven point font, 1.5 spacing, wide margins (2.5 cm top, left and bottom; 5cm right); attach a header sheet (cf. section 8.2).
                 If you do not follow these formatting instructions, you could be marked down up to 12 percentage points as a penalty.

Note:       The individual report must be your own work, and not copied by or from another student or from books etc. If you use ideas, quotes or data (such as diagrams) from books, journals or other sources, you must reference your sources, using the Harvard style.

                 Make sure that you know how to reference properly, and that you understand the guidelines on plagiarism. If you do not, you will certainly lose marks at this level of study, and you could fail.

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