Points of Debate

Growing integration of the world economy is a necessary condition for higher standard of living.


1.    Introduction must be included.

2.    Point 1: Greater FDI flow into the country
FDI à create new job opportunities à transfer of knowledge & technology à  building new industry à local SME in the industry with new knowledge workforces gain competitiveness à with mature capability able to be successful in local market à from OEM to create own brand to venture to international markets
Drivers of market globalisation.
Dimension of market globalisation
Social of market globalisation
Economic factors
-Must related to macroeconomics
-Related worldwide
-Must have case, graphs, diagrams, etc.

4.    Point 2: Development of country’s infrastructure. Country economy growth à more money reserve in the country àgovernment have more budget for building facilities & development in terms of healthcare, education, public transport, other infrastructures, etcà citizen’s standard of living raised. Include countries. Avoid suing China as its too generic.

5.    Conclusion


1. Each of your entries should include proper in-text citations and supported with a full List of References at the end of each entry. You are expected to use the Harvard Referencing Style Guide.

2.  Word limit for the individual debate: The marks of any student who exceeds the word limit (ie. 1400 words)stated above by more than 10% (i.e. exceeding 1140 words)will be reduced by 10%.There is no penalty for writing fewer words(i.e.less than word limit).

3. Create a report supporting the groups motion based on international trade.


-Please focus more on Point 1. That is the main point.
-Point 2 is the secondary point.
-Present series of relevant arguments in support of your‘view’ or‘team line’and use this to impress upon the audience a basic statement of why the proposition is true(for the affirmative)


1:Show critical awareness of the complex nature of international trade, its main actors, the legal frame works and institutions and their major issues
·  Why/how nations engage in international trade(theory)
·   Instruments of trade protection and trade promotion
·   Political and economic arguments for trade protection
·  Approaches used by firms to adhere or avoid to governments’ protective measures
·   Regional Economic Integration(regional trade associations)
·   The WTO and anti-globalisation movements

2: Critically analyse and evaluate the trade exchange sat both quantitative and qualitative level Trade exchanges by geographic regions (national, regional and global)Firm-specific examples (exports and imports)Inter-firm and intra-firm examples

3: Show knowledge of the main trade and investment promotion tools Factors that enable international trade How governments enforce international trade policies How the rules and regulations promote that national, regional (RTAs) and global (WTO) levels are expected to facilitate the activities of export and import firms.

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