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Business School Application for Ethical Approval for Taught Degrees

This form should be completed for any research involving primary data collection conducted by students on taught degrees of the Business School.  This procedure particularly aims to minimize ethical issues where the primary data involves human data and includes human beings and their records (such as medical, genetic, financial, personnel, criminal and test results including scholastic achievements).  Please note that no research may be conducted in the Business School where participants are children.

A copy of this application will be retained by the School for up to 6 years.  The Business School will provide summary information to University’s Research Ethics Committee (UREC) and will provide further information to UREC as requested.

‘To investigate how training and development can impact on employee's performance in an organisation’?

2.    This Project is:

    UG Research linked to Taught Course*      X  UG Dissertation*
         PG Research linked to a Taught Course*    PG Dissertation*

*May require University UREC approval – if this is the case, then a new application using the UREC form will be required.


3.     Principal Investigator(s):

Family Name:
Given Name:
Banner ID:


4.       Details of the Project

Proposed start date:
15 DECEMBER 2012
Probable duration:
20 MARCH 2012

Brief outline of project (Describe the objectives and methods. Write approx 150 words in everyday language)

·        My research will be to investigate how training and development impact on employee’s performance and the growth of an organisation.  Mullins (2010) stated that training is a systematic development of skills, knowledge, and attitudes which is essential for employees to perform effectively on a given task or job.  Whereas development can be a reward for the employee’s competence which they can received through promotion (Dessler2011).   The management report will focus on the importance of training and development to the employee as well as the organisation.  The study will examine the factors that cause the success or failure of an employee training programme, the employee's job content and their responsibilities, internal and external training and development methods used.

·        The key rationale for my research topic is to investigate the types of training and development the organisation currently used and will do primary researcher on the organisation to find out the impact training has on its employees’ performance and make recommendation for the organisation.

The research aims and objectives
·        To identify the types of training and development which the organisation currently used to improve its employees’ job performance.

·        Investigate how training and development specifically help employees in performing         their roles effectively.

·        How effective are these training and development programmes impact on the      employee’s and the organisation's overall performance?

5.     Will the research involve primary data collection?

        Yes       X                No       (if ‘no’ go to Question 10)
        Will the research involve human participants?

        Yes       X                No       (if ‘no’ go to Question 10)


Could the participants be considered to…
        a)  Be vulnerable?  (E.g. mentally ill?)                                       Yes         No    
        b) Feel obliged to take part? (E.g. employees in organisationally sponsored projects)

If the answer to either of these is ‘yes’, please explain how ethical considerations will be minimised

7.    If the research generates data relating to individuals (e.g. interview quotes or unique questionnaire responses), describe the arrangements for maintaining anonymity and confidentiality

Interview    Names of persons (including interviewees) will be made anonymous in transcripts and dissertation. A separate coding sheet will be stored in a closed drawer at my house.

Survey No names or addresses of participants will be recorded in any way.

8.           Describe the arrangements for storing data and maintaining its security as part of the project.

Interview Only me and my supervisor will have access to the raw data. I will store the raw data on my          computer only for the time necessary to process the data. I will keep an electronic back-up on a memory stick, kept in a locked drawer at my house, but separate from the coding   sheet.

Survey Only me and my supervisor will have access to the raw data. I will store the raw data on my computer only for the time necessary to process the data. I will keep an electronic back-up on a memory stick, kept in a locked drawer at my house, together with the paper copies of the survey.

It is a requirement of the Data Protection Act 1998 that individuals are aware of how information about them is managed.  Tick to confirm participants will be informed of data access and security arrangements.  

9. Describe how will participants be informed of the research project’s objectives, purpose and Data Protection Act compliance (per question 8) Please attach a participant information sheet.

Interview A letter of consent including a brief outline (as in point 5) as well as explanation of the process will be signed by each interviewee. Interviewees will receive a transcript of the interview. They will be able to add, Change, and delete parts of this transcript.

Survey A brief outline will be stated at the beginning of the survey. Respondents who wish to participate will be asked to tick a box stating they understand the purpose of the research.

9.      If the research is going to be conducted within the University or its subsidiaries or partners, which Manager or Officer of the institution has granted access?


10.  If there are other relevant issues that have not been mentioned in this form please note them below:


12.   Declaration of Principal Investigator:

1.   The information contained in this application, is, to the best of my knowledge, complete and correct.  I/we have read the University of Greenwich’s Research Ethics Policy and accept responsibility for the conduct of the procedures set out in this application in accordance with it.  I/we have attempted to identify all risks related to the research that may arise in conducting this research and acknowledge my/our obligations and the rights of the participants.

2.   I have discussed the project with my proposed academic supervisor or course leader, and she/he indicates they have approves the planned research.

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