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Information Systems Analysis

COIT20248 Information Systems Analysis 
Design Assignment 1 - Systems Analysis

This assessment relates to course learning outcomes 1 and 5 stated in the e-course profile.
Assessment 1 is an individual assessment. In assessment 1, you are assigned tasks which assess yourcourse knowledge gained between weeks 1 and 5 about different facets of systems development. All students will have to write a report showing the answers to the questions in tasks 1-5 below.
Please note that ALL submitted Assignment 1-reports are passed through a computerized copydetection system and it is extremely easy for teaching staff to identify copied or otherwise plagiarisedwork.
Copying (plagiarism) can incur penaltiesranging from deduction of marks to failing thecourse or even exclusion from the University.
•Please ensure you are familiar with the Academic Misconduct Procedures, available from:
The tasks
For the purpose of this assignment, you…

Managerial Project

Task 1 Project Proposal/Background

Title of your Project (in about 8 words):
This proposal could be based on your Task 2 Proposal from BUS703 Managing Research (if so, you should reflect on the feedback from that task and then complete this template taking that feedback into account) OR you may identify a new management problem.
1.Brief Context/Scope (background re your company/industry/sector and factors leading up to the management problem) (approximately 100 words)
Factors leading up to the Management Problem/Decision:
2.The specific problem or issue to be investigated (what are you seeking to find out, what do you not know, what management decisions will be made and why is it important – why does it matter?) (approximately 100 words)
Management Problem/Decision to be made:
Why does it matter?
3.Your proposed Research Question (RQ)- stated in question format(e.g. How and why? Should and how? etc.) and associated research objectives (RO) i.e. the specific information needed to …