Corporate Sustainability


In groups of 4, select an organisation which has the BCorp chartermark. Analyse the organisation in terms of its contribution to each of the triple bottom line elements, noting areas where it could improve. Design a social media campaign (consisting of 4-6 items) to boost that organisation’s impact and competitive advantage by arguing they go more strongly FOR something they are already doing or change an area and argue AGAINST their current strategy. Make sure you have clear messaging and intended outcomes for each of the elements of the campaign.

*MBA Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

1. REFLEXIVE PRACTICE - Reflect on their practice as leaders in their context with respect to the ethical practice and standards they adhere to and how these are represented an lived through their decision-making practice and management/leadership of their team.

2. LEADERSHIP IDENTITY - Develop and articulate an understanding of who they are as a leader in their field, stemming from their own personal history and that of their organisation, discipline area and cultural factors, reaching to who they aspire to be with regards to innovating their future.

3.CRITICAL ANALYSIS - Critically analyse problem situations to uncover the complexities of the issue at hand, and generate and evaluate a range of creative solutions to resolve the issue

  4. COLLABORATION - Engage in 360-degree collaboration with peers, direct reports and senior management as appropriate to achieve a performance outcome, allowing leadership to move around the group as befits the outcome.

5.   INFLUENCE SKILLS - Articulate arguments to influence a range of diverse stakeholders utilising a range of communication media and medium as appropriate to achieve the desired outcome

6. CULTURAL SENSITIVITY - Demonstrate sensitivity to cultural issues and minority interest to ensure a fully diverse range of opinions and understandings are considered when tackling complex issues, particularly of a global nature

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