Develop a Marketing Plan


Develop a Marketing Plan - BSBMKG609

Task 1: Devise strategies and plan marketing tactics

Performance objective

In this assessment task, you are required to review and evaluate marketing opportunities for an organisation and develop marketing activities that reflect strategic directions of the organisation.

Assessment description

For the organisation outlined in the case study provided, identify two marketing opportunities and evaluate each opportunity for risks, strengths, weaknesses and alignment with organisational objectives. After you have reviewed the opportunities, select the best-fitting opportunity for the organisation and develop marketing strategies, approaches and activities to take advantage of the opportunity.


You are required to submit a report that addresses all of the elements listed in the procedure. The report should be structured using the headings below.

Organisational overview

1.     Develop an organisational overview that:
               a.     outlines the strategic direction and organisational objectives
      b.     outlines the current size, capabilities and resources of the organisation, including any notable strengths and weaknesses
       c.     identifies any gaps between the objectives and the current capabilities and resources.


1.     Identify two marketing opportunities that meet the objectives, and evaluate the risks and benefits of each opportunity.

2.     Recommend the opportunity that best addresses organisational objectives and:
               a.     develop a marketing mix strategy that fits within the capabilities and resources of the organisation
               b.     describe how your strategies align with the strategic direction of the organisation, and give justifications for your selection
               c.     detail a marketing performance review strategy using an appropriate tool (competitive analysis, life cycle model, value chain analysis, etc.) to review the performance of the organisation against marketing objectives
               d.     include the metrics to be used in measuring marketing performance.


1.     Detail the tactics necessary to implement the strategy you have outlined, including:
               a.     scheduling of activities to enact the strategy
               b.     costing
               c.     accountabilities and responsibilities
          d.     a plan for coordinating and monitoring scheduled activities, including KPIs.
2.  Outline any legal and ethical requirements that impact on the selected tactics.
3.  Describe how the tactics fit within identified organisational resources and capabilities.


This assessment can be completed in your own time, as you work through the related topics in either the Student Workbook, or under the guidance of the assessor.

The assessment is due at the completion of Section 2 of the Student Workbook unless another submission time/method is suggested by your assessor.

Check with your assessor whether it is appropriate to use a computer for the submission of the report (electronic), or if the assessor requires a hard copy (printed) version.

You must provide:

a report containing documents that support all of the instructions outlined in the procedure above.

Your assessor will be looking for whether you have:

      identified a suitable marketing opportunity
      conducted research to assess and analyse the market
      prepared a report outlining your marketing strategies to best take advantage of the identified market opportunities
organised your report under the headings suggested in the procedure.

Task 2: Prepare and present a marketing plan

Performance objective

In this assessment task, you are required to develop a presentation and written report describing your marketing strategies and activities, including clear descriptions of how your strategies reflect organisational objectives.

Assessment description

In this assessment task, you are required to review the strategies and tactics you devised in Assessment Task 1 and describe how they meet the requirements for the organisation. You also need to develop a presentation of your marketing strategies that outlines the strategies, your approaches and your reasoning for developing these. Your presentation should incorporate feedback from key stakeholders.


1.     For the organisation outlined in the case study materials from Assessment Task 1, and using the strategies and tactics developed in Assessment Task 1, you will need to prepare a marketing plan using the headings below.
      a.     Executive summary – Provide an overview of the organisation and the plan, which simply states what is to be achieved.
                   b.     SWOT analysis – Submit an overview of the organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (analysed in Assessment Task 1).
      c.     Marketing objectives – Include the objectives of the organisation (discussed in Assessment Task 1).
               d.     Strategies – Outline the marketing opportunity selected and strategies developed in Assessment Task 1.

1.     Include your reasoning for the marketing mix decisions that you made and the strategies you selected, referring to the SWOT, risk and gap analyses undertaken.

               e.     Implementation – Provide an outline of the tactics devised for implementation in Assessment Task 1. You need to provide your reasoning for choosing these tactics, and outline the process for reviewing performance.
2.     When you have finished writing your marketing plan, you need to:
         a.     liaise with your supervisor (your assessor) to arrange a suitable time and format for presentation
               b.     present the plan to key stakeholders (a group assembled by your supervisor) in the format specified by the assessor and at an agreed time
               c.     allow for feedback on the plan from stakeholders within your presentation.

3. During your presentation, you will need to ensure you demonstrate:
               a.     the appropriate communication skills to relate to a diverse range of people
       b.     the leadership skills to gain the trust and support of stakeholders for the plan you present.
4.     After you have presented your report and incorporated feedback from key stakeholders, you need to revise and send your final written report to your supervisor (your assessor).


This assessment task can be completed in your own time as you work through the related topics in either the Student Workbook or under the guidance of the assessor.

The assessment will be due at the completion of Section 3 of the Student Workbook, unless otherwise advised by the assessor.

You must:

      submit and present a marketing plan that follows the instructions as set out in the procedure above.

Your assessor will be looking for whether you have:

      followed the instructions to develop a detailed marketing plan
      structured your plan according to the headings listed above
  sufficiently justified your selection of marketing strategies and implementation tactics
allowed an opportunity to receive feedback during your presentation to key stakeholders
   demonstrated the communication skills to convey your message succinctly.

References / recommended resources

Develop a marketing plan - BSBMKG609, 2015, 1st Edition, Version 1, Innovation and Business Industry Skills Council Ltd Australia, East Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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