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Overview of Network Security

Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines Unit Code
MN502 Unit Title
Overview of Network Security Assessment Type Individual Assessment Assessment Title Potential threats and mitigation tools for ransomware (Assignment one) Purposeof the Students should be able to demonstrate their achievements in the following assessment (with unit learning outcomes: ULO Mapping)

Responsive Web Design

COIT 20268 - Responsive Web Design (RWD)
(Term 2 – 2018)

Portfolio 1
Practical Assessment 1

Paper Kraft,is a sole-proprietor with a proper shop front (i.e. an actual physical building wherebusiness is conducted). They have contracted you to develop a website for this shop. You have been provided with the following initial and technical specifications.

Memo: Website Requirements From: Paper Kraft, Senior Management To: WIMP Engineering R&D Consultants
Design and develop a website to provide information to customers who wants to visit the shop. The goal is to allow customers to obtain an overview of the shop layout and to find details of items available from the shop. The website is not an online shopping site. The website’s main goal is to provide information to customers who want to visit the shop in person.
Resources Resources such as images and details of opening hours can be found in The content of the ZIP file is: 1.Three folders named Artist_Tradin…