Effective Business Communication

Assessment One: Practical Assessment: Professional Written Communication


Task Description

This assessment accounts for 20% of your final grade.


The assessment must be between 1000-1500 words in length. Two points
Cover sheet:
will be deducted for assessments that are over or under by 200 words.
The assessment must include a cover page that contains your name, student
number, resident campus, assessment title, and lecturer and/or tutor.
The assessment must be single-spaced, 11 Point; Times New Roman.
The assessment must include 5 academic references. You must use the APA
reference style.

This assessment is aimed to assess your written communication skills.

Students who do not perform well will be highly recommended to consider

training with Academic Learning Centre (ALC). The assessment is aimed to

ensure that you have an advanced level of writing skills before you proceed

into other units in the postgraduate course. The assessment will also assess

the integrity of your work. Given all students will do the same assessment,

plagiarism will be monitored to ensure that your submitted work is original

and not purchased or copied from other students. Where assessments are
Task description:
found to be similar, penalties may apply in accord with University policy.
In this task, you will write a memo in response to the case study provided

below. The memo must be logically structured, free of grammatical errors,

professionally styled; in addition, follow the writing conventions for memos
Case study:
as discussed in the lecture and supporting material.
You are the CEO of Data Solutions, which is a medium sized company that

sells data management software. The company is based in Brisbane and has

offices in both Melbourne and Sydney. You have become aware that

although the external marketing and promotions communications are

effective there is a problem with the internal communication. There are
three primary general problems:

1. Decisions made at the executive level are not being communicated clearly

and in a timely manner to the employees.

2. For the most part supervisors and employees do not work in the same

offices. Due to this situation, the supervisor to employee communication is


3. Emails are being sent out that are unprofessional.

With these problems in mind, you undertake research in order to

understand these problems more specifically and come up with logical and

practical recommendations to solve these problems. As you refine your

knowledge of these problems you narrow each one down to one specific

issue. So for example for problem one, the issue could be that the

employees do not understand why decisions are being made. For problem

two, the issue could be that employees do not feel comfortable seeking

work-related feedback from their supervisors. As you develop your

recommendations you make sure that you clearly link the problems to the

solutions (as articulated within the recommendations). Having this

information you now write a memo to all of the members of the organization. You will write the memo based upon the following structure.

Outline of Memo:

1)          Opening
a. To:

2)           Objectives and background
a.   Specific purpose
b. General purpose

3)         C. Context

4)           3. Problems
a.Problem onequantitative and qualitative significance
b.Problem two—quantitative and qualitative significance
c.Problem three—quantitative and qualitative significance

5)           4. Action steps to solve the problems
a.Problem one
b. Problem two
c. Problem three

6)           Closing

a.Briefly outline a synopsis of the memo
b. Offer assistance and provide contact details

7)           References—APA style.

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