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Annotated bibliography

Assignment 1 Annotated bibliographyPart B Final Assignment TemplateThis is an example of how you can construct you final assignment.Please note you must address the marking guide. 1.0 Introduction·You will need to amended part A Introduction paragraph only (not the whole table)and insert it here ·A maximum of 200 to 300 words long 2.0 Journal Article 1·Please refer to the Writing an Annotated Bibliography document ·Please make sure that you meet the minimum academic references will automatically result in a maximum mark of 40% for the complete assignment ·Paragraph 100 to 200 words long 2.1 Journal Article 2·Please refer to the Writing an Annotated Bibliography document ·Paragraph 100 to 200 words long 2.2 Web site 1·Please refer to the Writing an Annotated Bibliography document ·Paragraph 100 to 200 words long 2.3 Government publication·Please refer to the Writing an Annotated Bibliography document ·Paragraph 100 to 200 words long 2.4 Industry report·Please refer to the Writing an Annotated Bibl…

Organisational Behaviour

Organisational Behaviour (MNG82001) Assignment 1 (Part A) - Worksheet

Type your answers directly into the space providedor below the particular question.
1.Limited details of a particular journal article are provided below. Search the Library’s proquest database to identify and fill-in the missing information. (1 mark for providing all the required information)
Title:___________ of Job involvement on _________________Job Performance and ____________________ Behaviour
Publication:Journal of_____________and_____________Management
Year of Publication:_____
Vol.9.Issue No. __Pages:______
2.Go to the SCU Library webpage and look for the ‘Study’ tab. Click on the tab and then select ‘Referencing Guides’ (under ‘Get Help’). In the space below, identify the particular Referencing style used by the School of Business and Tourism ______________________________________
It is suggested that students click on the Referencing LibGuide link, then scroll down a little to access and download a PDF copy of the G…

Organisational Behaviour

Organisational Behaviour (MNG82001)
Assignment 1(Part C) - Guidelines and Marking Criteria
Title:Assignment 1(Part C) – Literature Review Marks:20 (which is 20% of the unit grade) Task:Undertake a Literature Review (1500 words +/- 10%) on–Job Involvement and its relationship with Job Performance The review is to focus solely on refereed academic publications (i.e. journal articles). Format:The single document submitted for this assignment is to contain the following components and formatting features:
a)Assignment ‘Title Page’- identifying the unit name & code, assignment title, student name & ID, and the word count of the review. This is a document that students develop themselves; i.e. there is no ‘Title Page’ template. Note: No Assignment Cover page is required.
b)Content; i.e. your Literature Review (1500 words +/- 10%).Reviews that exceed 1650 words will be returned to the student for editing and resubmission.
i.Develop a ‘catchy’ Title; one that signals the central theme or focus…

Wireless Networks and Security

Melbourne Institute of Technology

Unit Title : Wireless Networks and Security

Assignment Title : Design and implementation of secure enterprise wireless network

Assignment Description
Enterprise wireless LAN deployments have skyrocketed in recent years, evolving from guest access in conference rooms, to limited hot zones of connectivity within the enterprise to full coverage throughout the organization. Unfortunately, many of these deployments are still insecure, leaving opportunities for the just plain curious or malicious hackers to try and access confidential enterprise information. Securing a wireless LAN is not hard – industry advances in technology and vendor innovation makes this easier than ever.
Default settings for most access points do not include any form of security being enabled. This is the most common reason that wireless LANs are hacked or used by unauthorized personnel. When deployed, immediately turn a method of over-the-air security on.
For enterprises, it is recommended…