Business Communication

Subject Code & Name : MGT502 Business Communication

Assessment : Assessment 2 – Praposal and Report

Length : Praposal – 1000 Words
            : Report – 2000 Words

Total Marks : Praposal -20 Marks
                    : Report - 30 Marks

Use   the    following   structure    for     designing   your  proposal:  

• Introduction–state  the       purpose of your  proposal    and   list any       assumptions or limitations      under which your proposal  is to  be      read 

• Background – use     the    research     you   conducted  in      assessment 1       to          clarify        the    topic further        and   state  how  you   will   apply          the          evidence    you   gathered 
• Context   – provide   a context    of      the    organization that          you   will   use    in          your  report         to      demonstrate relevance or      to      implement your  chosen strategy
• Proposal  – provide   a        high-level  outline       that   shows         what you   are          intending   to      include       in      your  report         The   proposal    document          serves         to      provide      you   with  a        blueprint    of      the    content       for          the    report         you   will   write. Following the    structure    from module 2,          write the    report. 

It    is expected that   you   will   demonstrate:    
• A comprehensive  understanding of the topic you have chosen

• Evidence of research and application   of reliable  and relevant evidence 

• Critical analysis and  the ability  to develop coherent arguments 
• Effective communication  in the form of professional writing skills, presented in a report  format, and  

• Effective referencing skills.

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