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Research Praposal

Assessment item 3 —Group presentationWeighting: 20%
Length: 15 minutes; Maximum 15 slides for presentation (see details below)
Overview of assignment requirementsThis is a group assignment for on-campus students (off-campus/distance education students may work on the presentation assignment individually). On-campus students will be organised into groups of three(3) people. Groups will be organised in the weekly workshops in weeks 1 to 2. Groups must be finalised by the end of week -2 and your tutor will finalise your topics by the end of week -3. Students must not change their tutorial/workshop class after week-2. Each group is to give a presentation about an aspect of project management. The intention is that no topic should be covered more than once during the term, so the tutor will approve topics on a first come basis. For on-campus students the class presentations will commence in week -6.Your local tutor will schedule when your topic is to be presented in your workshop. However, al…