Literature Review

Assignment 1 


The literature review is worth 20% of your overall grade. It is to be submitted in week 6. The main purpose of the literature review is to show that you have thoroughly read the key relevant literature in the area of your project. This will include not only background information form textbooks and websites, but also journal and conference papers. You should be utilizing the skills you developed in the Research Methodology unit (SEN700). You are required to demonstrate a clear understanding of key literature and using that to de ne the project, develop the aims and objectives of the project, and then design the methodology. Please note that there are several other sections of the assessment task that are required in your submission in addition to the main literature review and these are detailed below. These additional section are required to ensure that you understand the context for the project, and have started to think about what will be required to undertake it.

Please use the following guidelines for your review : -

1. Introduction (300-400 words) - 10% of assessment mark

This will cover a general background overview of the project that is readable and understandable to a non-technical person. It should brie y explain what the project is about, as well as the importance and significance of the work..

2.Project Objectives and Deliverable (150-200 words) - 10% of assessment mark

You should explain the key research question, and then break this down into the specific and measurable objectives of the project. In explaining the objectives, you should dene the key technical tasks required. The project deliverable should also be highlighted.

3. Review of Literature (2000 words) - 45% of assessment mark

The rest section should be an overview of existing knowledge and identification of gaps. Based on a systematic and in-depth review of available literature, this section presents an overview of the existing knowledge base relating to the project. This should include not only a review of the important concepts/ theories pertaining to the project but also a review of the key findings of relevant research projects that have already been accomplished locally and internationally. On the basis of that overview, this section should identify the knowledge gaps that the proposed project aims to ll.

The second section is the overview of existing methodologies. This section presents a review of methodologies and experimental designs applied in the relevant research projects that have been conducted previously. You should demonstrate that you understand the different possible approaches to undertaking this project, along with their strengths and weaknesses. Based on this review, this section should be used to inform the research strategy section below.

4.General Problem Statement (200-300 words) -5% of assessment mark

Based on the preliminary review of literature and other information sources, this section should include a brief overview of general problems, limitations, or concerns of the existing system or practice in the eld (area of research) that the proposed project aims to address.

5. Research Strategy (400-500 words) - 10% of assessment mark

Students should indicate if the project is experimental, design based or simulation based etc. This section should presents a framework that outlines the steps in which the proposed research project will be carried out to achieve the research objectives. This should include a brief description, for example, on the experimental design, as well as an explanation of the methods/techniques that would be utilized for experimentation, data collection and analysis, and how these methods/techniques would be applied in the proposed project

6. Resource Requirements (150-200 words) - 5% of assessment mark

This section should ensure that the proposed project could be completed with the resources available. This includes knowing what labs and equipment are available and whether these facilities could be used/accessed and the associated costs, if any. It should be noted that the student may need to use existing skills or develop new ones. For example, a student may only have a basic knowledge of CAD or numerical analysis tools and therefore necessary training and support needed to develop these further. Any such discussion should be included within this section.

7. Project Planning/Timeline - 5% of assessment mark

This section presents the initial project plan for the duration of the entire project, including SEN719 and SEN720. The proposed tasks to be presented in timelines for accomplishing the research activities and project deliverable. You should use appropriate planning tool to present a Gantt chart in this regard.

8. Referencing - 10% of assessment mark

As an evidence of in depth literature survey, students should include at least 15 key references. A standard referencing style (for example Harvard or IEEE) should be followed throughout the report. Student can seek supervisor guide for selecting referencing style.

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