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System Management

Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines

Assessment Title :   Design, Installation and Configure Enterprise Network Servers

Total Marks : 50

Word limit  : 2000

Assignment Description
Form a group of two students and inform your lab tutor of the names and student IDs of your group members. Choose one (1) requirement scenario given in the list below. Assume that your group has been hired by the client company to develop a networked system for their required services as described in your chosen scenario. Your task in this assignment is to analyse client requirements, design the solutions, implement, configure, and troubleshoot implemented solutions, and finally to prepare a system documentation report meeting the client requirements and following a standard industry template. Detailed requirements are provided below:
1.For your chosen scenario, (i) analyse client requirements, (ii) identify and propose the required servers and server roles (services), and (iii) provide required configurati…

Wireless Networks and Security

Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines
Assessment Title Design and implementation of secure enterprise wireless network for a university campus
Total Marks 100
Word limit 2000-2500

Assignment Description
Secure enterprise wireless local area networks LANs are an important component of modern network architecture. Such networks are required to support mobile devices and provide connectivity where wired connections are not practical or cost prohibitive.
Enterprise wireless LAN deployments have evolved from guest access in conference rooms, to limited hot zones of connectivity within the enterprise to full coverage throughout the organization. Unfortunately, many of these deployments are still insecure, leaving opportunities for the just plain curious or malicious hackers to try and access confidential enterprise information. Securing a wireless LAN is not hard – industry advances in technology and vendor innovation makes this easier than ever.
WPA2-Enterprise deployment includes…

Java Console Program

Introduction to Programming

  Assignment Details
For this assignment, you are required to develop a Java Console Program to demonstrate you can use Java constructs including input/output via a command line, Java primitive and built-in data types, Java defined objects, selection and looping statements, methods, and various other Java commands. Your program must produce the correct results.
You are only allowed to use techniques which have been covered in the first six weeks of the course, you must use the Scanner object for input and no advanced data structures like arrays willbe used. Instructions for this appear in the implementation section of this specification.

What to submit for this assignment
The Java source code:
A report including a flow chart (UML activity diagram) to depict your validation loop for reading the number of passengers, how long it took to create, any problems encountered and screen shots of the output produced. (Use Alt-PrtScrn to capture just the …

Research Proposal

Professional Research & Communication


The purpose of this assessment is to enable students to develop an effective research plan considering context, research questions, sources, methodologies, timeline, and larger implications for conducting a formal research project.
Overall goals of this assignment are to enable students to:
Demonstrate a critical awareness of previous research in an IT context within a chosen topic area through a basic understanding of research theory and techniques.
Further develop your critical thinking skills and back up your points with evidence. Become more adept at synthesizing information and developing informed views.
Discipline yourself to follow a scholarly research format to document in-text sources and a references page (bibliography).
Compose a well-organized, clear and concise research plan to expand your knowledge on a research question in your chosen area.
You may work on this task individually or in groups of two or three students (maximum).

Research Presentation

Professional Research & Communication


The purpose of this assignment is to enable students to evaluate professional communication aspects in relation to communication styles, skills and effectiveness, and to demonstrate the ability to critically analyse and communicate the key issues of the research project through a presentation.

Being able to present your research to an audience is a key skill for researchers to develop. There are a variety of different settings where you may be asked to do this, from the school or faculty research seminar to the international conference. Presentations sometimes take the form of posters as well as talks.
It is important that every presentation take account of whom the audience is. A seminar delivered to an interdisciplinary audience which may have no specialist knowledge of your field will be very different to a conference presentation in front of learned specialists – even if you are presenting essentially the same research at …