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Elementary Guide To Efficient Literary Analysis

Literary analysis is one of the most frequently occurring nightmares for the Literature Students worldwide. Long staring contest with the computer screen do not result in a critical analysis coveted by the professors, which might fetch good grades. The following course of action might motivate one to stop with the above mentioned staring match and get started on the long overdue analysis and who knows one might develop an interest in the process as well.
What is a literary analysis?
It is often misconstrued that the literary analysis is the plot summary, which is centred on an overarching scheme. No, it is not a mere reinterpretation of what is already given in a particular work of literature. The questioning of our essay shifts from ‘what’ to ‘why’, i.e., the main purpose of writing an analysis is not to merely state facts but to question the why behind the facts, application of certain previously formed theories or/and to contest some notions. It means to break down the given text int…

Critical Analysis Report

PPMP 20010 :Executing and Closing Projects
Minimum pass marks – 20 (50%)
Critical Analysis Report
•The primary purpose of this assessment is to help you to develop and demonstrate your skills in the use of project management concepts, principles, theories and arguments about the project management execution phase.

•Demonstrate your understanding of the real application of Control Systems.

•Analyze and argue what type of Control Systems will enable better or worse project outcomes.

Critical Analysis Report
•Assessment 3 is due in Week 12 but you need to get started earlier on this assessment as it is worth 40%.
•Research and choose a real-life failed project or a project which failed to meet the deadline, exceeded the allocated budget etc.
•Ideally, you should have worked on the failed project or someone you know may have worked otherwise Google through for it from the industry of your interest.

Critical Analysis Report

Digital Revolution

Video and Disruption Report Assignment
         Assessment Details
The Digital Revolution is not limited to the past – we should expect changes to continue for the foreseeable future. The aim of this assessment is for you to explore how IT might change a particular industry in the future, based on current trends and upcoming technologies.
For this assignment, you need to create a short video. There are many different tools available to help do this; Windows Movie Maker is available in the labs. It is also acceptable to perform a single-take video using a smart device or webcam.
Your topic must be automatically generated, based on your student ID. Please use the Topic Generator link in Moodle, and choose only one of the topics available.
Topics are of the form:
“The potential impact of {Technology} on {Industry or Activity}”.

Not all options are strictly technologies – some are applications of technology

Create an ePortfolio page which you will use to submit your work. Make sure y…