Network Design and Implementation

Assignment Description 

Scenario A

You are a network specialist for Active Directory (where xx is the number of your assigned account student-xx to login to V Sphere Client). You company have 4 servers running window server 2012 (Root-DC, Com-A, Com-B and Com-C). You are given a subnet 50.50.xx.0 (the value of xx is the same as above), mask You are required to design and configure a network with active directory according to the following requirement:

Two server computers must act as active directory domain controller for the Active Directory, to support the high volume of user for your company. Among them, one should be configured as Read Only Domain Controller which does not allow modification of the active directory database. The root Domain Controller is located in Melbourne. Your company opens one branch in Sydney and takes the child domain name as Another computer should be configured as a member computer of the root domain.

Task 1 (3 Marks): Computer Preparation

If you use your own PC:

·    Install fresh window server 2012 R2 on your VMware platform.

·    Name computers as Root-DC, Com-A, Com-B and Com-C

· Use ipconfig /all command in Windows Power shell and take screenshots show the names of your computers have been configured properly.

If you use the VMware in computer labs:

     ·    Take snapshots of your VMware for backup.

·      Remove all Active Directory Installation from all computers.

·      Name computers as Root-DC, Com-A, Com-B and Com-C

· Use ipconfig /all command in Windows Power shell and take screenshots show the names of your computers have been configured properly, and computers are not in any domain.

Task 2 (3 Marks): Active Directory Design and Initial Setup

·  Design and draw the network topology based on the above requirement. Clearly label the server computer names, assigned IP addresses, assigned domains, and DNS IP addresses.

·      Set up the computers IP address and DNS IP address according to the proposed design.

·       Use commands ipconfig /all to verify the configurations and ping to verify connection between computers, take screenshots of the computer information and pings.

Task 3 (7 Marks): Active Directory Installation

·    Configure the active directory following the proposed design.

· Capture necessary screenshots to demonstrate the steps taken to configure the network, and provide some explanation for your steps.

·    After completed the configuration, take screenshot of Computers and Domain Controllers folder in Active Directory User and Computers of the root domain controller to verify the existing domain controllers and member computer in the network.

Task 4 (17 Marks): Active Directory Management

A – Group Management: (4 marks)

·    Create a security group named Melbourne_Group. Create a new group Managed Service Account named Sydney. Configure the group Managed Service Account to be used by computers that are members of the Melbourne_Group.

B – User Account Management: (4 marks)

·   Create a new user named AD Test User, and request user must change password at the first logon. Log on using a member computer to verify the setting is working. (Take screenshots of the account creation and log in process)

·   Try to logon to the root domain controller using AD Test User account. Why can’t you login? Perform necessary configuration to enable AD Test User to be able to login onto the root domain controller.

C – Policies Applications: (4 marks)

·      Use Group Policy preferences to automatically delete the contents of the c:\Windows\Temp folder each time user AD Test User signs on to a computer. Create some text files in the Temp folder, then log off and log in again using AD Test_ User to verify the policy has been applied.

D – Software Restriction: (5 marks)

·   Use a software restriction policy to block AD Test_ User from opening iexplore.exe on any computer in the domain

·     Log into a computer using AD Test User and verify that AD Test User cannot open iexplore.exe

·    Log on to any computer using Administrator account and verify that iexplore.exe can be opened.

Assignment Specific Requirements

·    You are required implement the active directory according to the tasks specified above.

·    You will prepare a documentation that provides the network design and describes the steps taken and the screenshots of the system.

·    The description of steps does not need to be as detailed as in the lab manual, but it should provide enough information for reader to understand what you did to achieve the desired outcome.

·    Mark will be given to screenshot of the system and quality of the step description.

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