Personal Leadership and Management Development

Assignment Description 


Your existing qualifications, past employment and personal experiences and current level of study mean that you intend to apply for leadership and management positions in organizations.  In preparation for this you wish to enhance your prospects for success by further development of your leadership and management skills.
You plan to do this by undertaking some research on leadership and management.  You will then undertake a personal assessment of your skills and construct and implement a personal development plan.  You must file all of this information for future reference, either as an electronic or hard copy.  As this information is important and will be accessed, as your future career progresses it must be carefully and systematically organized.  

Task 1

You must begin the file by preparing detailed notes that:

1.Analyze the impact of organizational objectives, values and culture on the leadership and management role,

2.Evaluate the leadership and management skills required to support the achievement of organizational objectives. 

Task 2

The second section of the file covers a personal assessment of your skills and development plan.  You must:

1.Assess your personal leadership and management skills and identify the personal development required to support the achievement of organizational objectives

2.Assess the opportunities for the development of your leadership and management skills 

3.construct a personal development plan with clear objectives to develop your leadership and management skills.
Task 3

You are now in the position to be able to implement your plan.  As part of the implementation you should document all that happens while you are implementing the plan. You must:

1.Manage your personal development of leadership and management skills.  

Task 4

It is important to learn from the progress you have made in order to plan further developments.  In this final section of the file you must:

1.Review your personal development plan against the original objectives

2.Evaluate the effectiveness of your personal development of leadership and management skills

3.analyze areas for further development and update your personal development plan.

Suggested resources

The art and science of 360 degree feedback, Lepsinger, Richard; Lucia, Antoinette D, San Francisco Calif.; Jossey Bass, 2009, 9780470331897 298p  

This book provides guidance on preparing to use 360 degree feedback programmes and implementation, including gathering and presenting feedback and creating lasting change by using follow-up activities. Emphasis is given to selecting the best approach to 360 and how to get the most out of the feedback process. Case studies and sample worksheets for feedback analysis are included.

Personal development and management skills, Routledge, Chris; Carmichael, Jan, London , 2007, 9781543981480 208p  

This book is designed for students and practicing managers who wish to improve and develop their skills. The importance of skills development is explained and the ADAX (Awareness, Decision, Action and Excellence) model developed by the authors is outlined, with examples and exercises to encourage participation. It focuses on key themes and issues related to skills development including experiential learning, brain structure and memory, the part played by 'state' in skill development, the role of the senses in learning, personal characteristics and learning. Matrixes of management skills at different levels are included.

Leadership and management development, Gold, Jeff; Thorpe, Richard; Mumford, Alan, London; Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 2010, 9781843982449 409p  

This book provides an overview of the field of leadership and management development and reflects the current trends. The purpose and value of leadership and management development are discussed and an overview of practical issues in the field is given, covering strategic management development, theories and models of managerial learning, the assessment of development needs, the measurement of competence and the evaluation of leadership and management development. The text also looks at leadership and management development for particular groups such as women managers and ethnic managers and considers the supply of future leaders and managers and future trends in learning. A new chapter focuses on development within SMEs and interest in distributed leadership. Globalization is considered throughout the book. Case studies and exercises are included. 

Internet resources 

Team Builders Plus: 
Basic introduction to 360 degree feedback with details of tools and products.
Personal development planning: www.palgrave,com/skills4study/pdp/
Part of Palgrave’s Skills4Study site; offers advice on setting priorities, making choices, keeping records and structured reflection.
Mind Tools:
The leadership skills section contains information on a wide range of models
Business Balls – leadership and management:
A leadership and management website with a section on personal development with access to a wide range of assessments, template and resources .

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