Assessment 2:Project Scenario
Acknowledging local Indigenous tribe/identity project

1.Project Title

Acknowledging local indigenous tribes/identities by naming/renaming selected CQ University premises (and/or land)

2. Concept

To acknowledge the local indigenous tribes/identities by naming (or re-naming) selected CQU premises (and/or land).    


The School of Engineering and Technology (SET) Indigenisation Committee is interested in projects that give visibility to the world’s oldest living culture by acknowledging the traditional owners by naming/ renaming selected CQU premises (and/or land) in honour of local indigenous tribes/identities.
The project would include selecting suitable premises (or land), owned and/or operated by CQU, constructing and erecting signs (signage), plaques and organising naming ceremonies to commemorate the event.  It is anticipated multiple premises and naming ceremonies will occur across different CQU campuses.
The Committee has also requested that where possible, indigenous artists and performers be involved in the naming ceremonies.  After some discussion Committee members agreed that such a project would be challenging but worthwhile.  
The Chair of the Committee wants further information before raising the idea with the relevant funding body. The Committee agreed it would be good to have the project plan released to coincide with the National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) week July 2020.

NAIDOC WEEK july 2020

4.  Preferred Project

The School of Engineering and Technology (SET) Indigenisation Committee has requested a project to acknowledging local indigenous tribes/identities by naming/renaming selected CQ University premises (and/or land):

· Constructing and erecting signs (signage) naming/renaming CQU premises (and/or land);  
·    Designing and erecting plaques; and  
·    Organizing and staging naming/renaming ceremonies.  

The School of Engineering and Technology (SET) Indigenisation Committee has indicated that members of the local Aboriginal and Islander communities be one of the key stakeholders in this project. The Committee has requested that during the project any contact with these communities be undertaken in a respectful and culturally appropriate manner. 

5. Your Task

The Chair of the CQUniversity SET Indigenisation Committee, Mr Shane Doyle has tasked you with providing the project board with further information regarding the project. The Chair will act as the Project Executive for the project board. You are to develop a tailored project plan that reflects the project described in this document and aligns to PMBoK and Prince2 requirements.


The Project Executive has supplied a template, which has been tailored to suit the organisational context and incorporates elements of the project plan and charter. You must use the template supplied for the assessment on Moodle. Delete all blue explanatory text prior to submitting your work.

7.  Marking Breakdown

The marking breakdown below for the submission is reflected in the content headings of the template provided. To avoid losing marks ensure you understand the project topic, the content headings and check your writing quality, including spelling, grammar, etc.

Content of project submission
Project description and justification
Requirements management
Cost Baseline

8.Group assessment
Assessment task 2 is a group assessment. Note: Flex students can elect to complete this project individually or in a group. There is to be a maximum of four students per group. Each member of the group must be enrolled in the same tutorial.

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