ICT Project Case Study



Assessment details

Assignment Name : Advanced Diploma of IT Project Management

Unit Name : Manage ICT project

Assessment Type : Case Study

Key Requirements

         You must show your proficiency in providing project budgets and cash flows.

   You must show your skills in assessing, establishing, developing and creating project management plans, project schedules, project sub-plans and show an understanding of different planning techniques .
   This assessment is due by the end of 2nd week (Sunday) of the unit, or as suggested by your trainer.
       Please rename your assessment file to be ICTPMG603_A1_<your name>.doc, docx or .pdf

Assessment Instructions

         This assessment contains Part A and B, each consisting of separate tasks

         You must complete all tasks, seeking clarification from your trainer if required

PC’s Covered: Refer to the Assessment Mapping document

Part A – Durations and Timelines

1.    Create a Gantt Chart to plot Omnipress’s requirements, based on the Case Study.

2. Create a Critical Path Model to work out the best approach that Omnipress should use.

Part B – Expenses and Terminology

1.     Read the unit’s case study and complete the table below accordingly.

As the IT Project Manager you have a choice of either purchasing (by procurement) the website or by having the website developed by a project team. Both of these approaches have certain expenses.

Your Task: Explain what expenses are associated with the following project types:

2.     Follow the instructions below to complete the given table.

As the IT Project Manager we must be aware of the types of inquiries from clients and management. All the time, they will be asking about the status of the project, the progress of the project, how much you have completed, and how much work is remaining, etc. Clients are not interested in daily reports; they need a broader status and progress report which helps them visualize the money spent on the project and the value of work completed. This works towards a customer or employer’s expected return on investment.

Your Task: Define and provide an example of the following project expense terms:


Planned Value

Earned Value

Actual Cost

Schedule Variance

Cost Variance

Budget at Completion

Schedule Performance Index

Cost Performance Index

3.     What is the project’s Planned Value (PV)?

Scenario 1: You have a project to be completed in 12 months and the total cost of the project is 100,000 USD. Six months have passed, and the schedule says that 50% of the work should be completed.

Project duration:
12 months
Project cost (BAC):
Time elapsed:
6 months
Percent complete:
50% (as per the schedule)

Your Task: Calculate the Planned Value of the project.

4.     What is the project’s Earned Value (EV)?

Scenario 2: You have a project to be completed in 12 months and the total cost of the project is 100,000 USD. Six months have passed, and 60,000 USD has been spent, but on closer review you find that only 40% of the work has been completed so far.

In the above question, you can clearly see that only 40% of the work has been actually completed, and the definition of Earned Value states that it is the value of the project that has been earned.

Project Duration:
12 months
Project Cost (BAC):
Estimated Time elapsed:
50% (as per the schedule)
Actual Time elapsed:
Planned Value (PV)
Earned Value (EV)

Your Task: Calculate the Earned Value of the project.

5.  Read the unit’s case study, create a budget that will assist Omni press Printing meet its financial targets.

Use the following table as an example. You may download and use a template of your choice from the internet for developing a budget for the project.

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