Professional & Ethical Practice

Unit Name /Code :  ISY1000 

Assessment Type : Group

Assessment Number : 3

Assessment Name  : Group Work Presentation

Students are to form a group with 5 members maximum. Each group is to choose one of the following cases in ISY1000/ISY100 prescribed textbook - Reynolds, G.W. (2015) Ethics in Information Technology (5th ed.), Cengage Learning, Boston, and respond to the chosen case study questions (analyze the case study and use relevant concepts and theories learned in this unit).

Topic 1: Whistle-Blower Claims Accounting Shenanigans at Success Factors

Topic 2: Alice Case Raises Concerns for the Future of IT Software Patents

Topic 3: E-Verify

The report should include:

·        Executive Summary

·        Table of Contents

·        Introduction

·        Body of the report

·        Conclusion

·        Recommendations

·        References (Harvard Referencing)


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