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In the simplest terms, racism can be defined as a practice in which one race is believed to be more superior to the other race or races. Racism often results in the phenomenon of prejudice and discrimination. Various instances can be observed in which various instanced of discrimination and prejudice are caused due to racism. The term ‘racism’ also has many other definitions depending upon the situation or the individual who is defining this term.  There are also many ideologies which the readers will be able to learn in this essay writing piece about racism as a cultural phenomenon. Readers will also be able to learn about the different historical and cultural phenomenon which eventually leads to the origin of racism.

The Meaning of Racism

All ideologies of racism are based on the main idea that all human beings can be divided into various groups depending upon the physical characteristics, innate capacities, or social behavior of all those human beings. All of those different groups could be considered either superior or inferior depending upon the various characteristics which are mentioned above. There are also many historical events which are considered as some of the biggest examples of racism. And some of those historical events include the Holocaust, slavery in Latin America, segregation and slavery in the United States of America, in South Africa the apartheid, and many other examples. A reader can choose to read the essay writing pieces which are written on all those topics to understand the concept of racism in a better manner.
In the 19th century, many scientists believed that all human beings should be categorized into various groups or races. This term ‘racism’ also serves as a noun for describing somebody who is racist. One of the biggest consequences of racism has been the fact that various political ideas, rights, and privileges which have been distributed unequally throughout the different races. The exact origin or root of the ‘race’ has not been that clear. However, there are many scholars who believe that this word has Arabic roots. And it is derived from the Arabic word ‘ra’s’ which means to begin, grow, or head. All social scientists, behavioral scientists, legal experts, and humanities professionals tend to look at the concept of racism as a cultural phenomenon in different lights.

Aspects of Racism and the Origin of Racism

In this section of this essay writing piece, readers will be able to learn about the different ideologies which are related to racism and how those ideologies relate to the social life of any particular individual. And all those ideologies are mentioned below.

1.    Aversive Racism

This is a form of implicit racism in which an individual is not really consciously aware of his or her persistent avoidance of various racial groups or racial minorities. This type of racism is more complex as it is harder for any social group to fight. This ideology is further characterized by ambivalent attitudes and expressions. This ideology is also somewhat similar to the ideology of modern racism. There are many essay writing pieces which are written on this topic.

2.    Color Blindness

The color blindness ideology basically states that an attitude is adopted by individuals in which they completely disregard any sort of racial distinctness or characteristics which might be have been easily observable in any common social interaction. There are also many critics of this ideology who basically argue that even if an individual refuses to attend the differences between all the races or social group then that result in the individual unconsciously repressing all that information which could further result in implicit racism. This is also a rather commonly observed cultural phenomenon.

3.    Cultural

This ideology states that all sorts of racism practices have firmly taken hold all across the globe after the World War. According to this ideology, there are many social beliefs and customs which promoted racism and the notion that some culture or tradition or even language can be superior to some other culture, tradition, or language. This is one of the most common topics for various essay writing pieces.

4.    Economic

According to this ideology, social disparity and historical economic conditions have to be blamed as the causes of racism. These historical reasons also result in a disparity amongst various children in terms of their formal education. All of these reasons can contribute to a society becoming more racist and intolerant of any other culture or race.
Apart from these major ideologies of racism, there are many other ideologies which students can study to learn more about the concept and practice of racism.

Cultural Phenomenon Leading to the Origin of Racism

As it was mentioned in the cultural ideology, there are many historical events which took place after the World War which has resulted in the practice of racism. And it is important for all readers to learn about those historical events to understand racism as a cultural phenomenon. And all those historical events are mentioned below.

The Problem of Labour, Enslavement, and the Slave Trade

All the three historical events which are mentioned above have been interlinked together to explain the roots or the cause of racism. To understand the social phenomenon which actually took place behind these events one must first begin with an understanding that it all started when the need for labor was felt. The idea of slavery did not take place in the middle ages on its own instead it all started when every nation wanted to develop but there was a lack of manual labor for that development to take place. This eventually led the people from Europe to forcefully take people from Africa back to their country and put them to hard labor. This was obviously not ethical but it had started sometime around the fourteenth century.
It is also important for the readers to know that slavery was not a new idea at that time instead it has existed in the world for over thousands of year. However, it was only during the fourteenth century when this idea became more systematic and defined. There was also a growing demand for sugar in Britain which led to the development of the slave trade. And by the eighteenth century, Britain had become one of the richest nations which traded in slaves. Irish merchants were also a vital part of that trade. The largest numbers of slaves, during that time, were being from African and Asian colonies to all parts of America and Europe. And even though with great efforts the slave trade was stopped but there are still many ways in which racism and slavery continue to exist in some part of the world today. There are many essay writing pieces which are written on this topic.

The Conclusion:

Racism can be defined as the practice or concept in which one culture is believed to be more superior to some other culture. The exact origin of the word ‘race’ is not known but it is believed that it has Arabic roots. There are many ideologies which are related to racism and some of those ideologies are aversive racism, color blindness, cultural, and economic. The cultural ideology thinks of racism as a cultural phenomenon. There are also many events in the history of the world which led to racism. And some of those events include the lack of labor, the enslavement, and the slave trade. It is important to appropriate steps to ensure that racism can be eradicated. To learn more about this topic, students can read more essay writing pieces.
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