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Group Situation Analysis


Introduce the report

Overview of the company/ product line.

The Market Situation - present information about the target market/s, size and growth.
The Product Situation – present available information about sales, profit, pricing and any other salient product issues, eg. manufacturing or supply issues.
The Distribution Situation – present information on the size and relative importance of different distribution channels used.

Competitive Situation – identify major competitors in terms of their size, strategy, market share, product quality and other considerations that indicate their intentions and behaviours.
The Macro environmental situation gives a brief summary of broad trends that bear on the product line’s future.

After summarizing the current market situation, you should identify the strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the product line. Identify at least two main issues for which the company / product line must creat…

Telstra Security Report

Final Individual Project Technical Report
Telstra Security Report 2018 In business, security underpins everything - from customer experience to employee engagement, whether protecting data or physical assets. In this challenging era of digital transformation, where innovation demands considerable focus, organisations must also stay prepared in the face of constantly evolving threats to both cyber and electronic defences. Telstra Security Report 2018 provides in-depth intelligence about current and evolving cyber security threats. Tasks What you need to do: 1.Of course, read the report;
2.Choose one topic / trend of your interest mentioned in the report and explore the applicable legal and legislative considerations covering:
a.the evolutionary view of the trend (past, current and future)
b.implication of the trend to the world that we live in
c.application of legal and legislative considerations in relation to the trend
d.prediction: what is yet to happen and what to look out for in future

Impact of Social Media on Self-Esteem

Self-esteem can be defined as the estimation of an individual’s subjective evaluation which he or she places on himself or herself. According to experts, self-esteem can also be defined as what an individual thinks about himself or herself. It can also be considered as the positive or negative evaluation which an individual makes about himself or herself. Self-esteem is an important psychological construct and there have also been many studies on this topic. There are many experts who believe this psychological construct to sort of have two opposite poles. An individual with negative self-esteem can be placed on one of the poles while an individual with positive self-esteem can be placed on the exact opposite of the first pole. There are also many theories about self-esteem. However, in this article readers won’t just be able to learn about self-esteem. Instead, readers will also be able to learn about the effects of social media on the psychological construct of self-esteem. There wi…

Evaluate & use telecommunications management networks

Course Code:ICT80415
Course Name:Graduate Diploma of Telecommunication and network engineering
Unit Code:ICTPMG804

Section 1: Assessment Plan
To demonstrate competence in this unit, the student must be assessed as satisfactory in each of the following assessment tasks.

Unit Assessment Task 1 (UAT1)Unit Knowledge Test (UKT) – Written Questions
Unit Assessment Task 2 (UAT2)Unit Skills Test (UST) – Unit Project (UP)
Unit Assessment Task 3 (UAT3)Unit Skills Test (UST) – Unit Project (UP)