PPMP20008 Assignment


Assessment 3: Lessons Learnt

Part A: Lessons Learnt Presentation + Part B: written submission (Total: 30%)

This is an individual assessment.

Completion of the unit PPMP20008 is like a project, there are likely things that went well and things that did not.
This assessment item requires you to reflect on your participation and experience in this unit, identify lessons learnt, and consider what actions can be taken to address lessons and improve how you deal with similar situations in the future.

Please note these learnings are based on your role as a student in PPMP20008 and not based on the case study.
You will need to determine a framework to base your lessons learnt on. In practice, lessons learnt discussions are usually framed in certain ways to illicit learnings. Consider the most effective way to do this within the context of the course and experiences acquired during the term.
Your assignment (individual presentation and written submission) will be assessed on the extent and quality to which it meets each of the following criteria:-
1.  Introduction (4 marks)
2.  Lessons Learnt Framework (planned and actual) (6 marks)
3.  Two lessons learnt and improvement strategies for each, described against the SMART attributes. (SMART - Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bounded). (16 marks)
4.  Conclusion and references (2 marks)
5.  In class 2 minute presentation - using only two slides (one being a title slide) as per the template. (2 marks)

Written submission and presentation slides are to be uploaded in Moodle.

Distance students: A separate email will be sent out discussing the presentation component of this assessment. Please ensure that you watch your emails.
Requests for extension need to be submitted via Moodle.

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