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Global Human Resource Management

ASSESSMENT BRIEF Subject Code and Name GHR611 – Global Human Resource Management Assessment Learning Portfolio – AS INFORMED COMMENTARY^ A portfolio can be seen as both a product (a collection of documents, work records in a variety of mediums) and a process (a continuous and systematic approach to reflect on personal and professional experience and obtain feedback from this experience to support learning performance). Morrison (1996) provides an informative model towards the development of a learning portfolio for postgraduate students to develop their understanding of ‘reflective practice’. The model has two designated aspects: a) reflection in/on practice and b) empowerment resulting from this reflection. ^ The informed commentary is split into three clusters (parts). Individual/Group Individual Length Student Workload To successfully complete this subject students must maintain a minimum average class attendance of 80% at all times as a unit requirement​ No. timet…

Network Security

Assessment Details

Unit Code

Unit Title
Overview of Network Security

Assessment Type Individual Assessment

Internetworking Assignment

Assignment Description Unit Code : MN503
Unit Title : Overview of Internetworking
Assessment Type : Individual
Assessment Title : Network requirement analysis and plan
Total Marks : 50
Assignment 1 Overview of Internetworking MN503
A case study entitled “Yeshiva University Dorm Wi-Fi Changes from Restrictive to Enriched Student Experience” is uploaded with the assignment 1 folder, and the link for the case study is provided in the appendix. Based on your comprehension of the case study prepare a report on the proposed wired and wireless network solution for Yeshiva University. The report on the proposed design must have the following contents.
 Project scope   Challenges and constraints   User-centric design concept   Project hardware requirements   Network design in an appropriate simulation software   Outcomes   Limitations   Conclusion   Demonstration of the simulation model (snapshots of ping connectivity is preferable)   IEEE referencing style
While designing the wired and the wireless …

IT Project Management

Assessment Description
Course Name : Advanced Diploma of IT Project Management
Unit Code : ICTSAS515
Unit Name : Manage the Testing Process
This assessment contains scenario based questions. This assessment helps students to develop the testing requirements for the project, prepare test process technique, develop testing timeline and allocate resources for an ICT project.
Assessment Instruction
All students must complete or answer each part of following scenarios. No questions are to be left blank or deleted.
Key Requirements
 Read and understand the Scenarios Answer with proper example to all the questions Ensure that all the questions have been completed.
Part A – Answer the questions based on the following Scenarios
1. Given that the testing process is critical for the success of an IT project. Explain what project resources you would require for any project to be successful.
2. As the IT Project Manager, you have been given strict budget set by your Accounts Officer, how would you jus…

Dynamic Leadership


Subject Code and Title
MGT601 Dynamic Leadership

Assessment 1, Part A: Self-Reflective Analysis


Up to 500 words