Network Security

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Unit Title

Overview of Network Security

Assessment Type
Individual Assessment

Assessment Title
Potential threats and mitigation tools for Botnet (Assignment one)


Total Marks


Word limit

1500 - 2000

Assignment Description

The security remains a challenge in networked information systems. The ubiquity and increasing popularity of the cyber physical systems have made networked devices a powerful amplifying platform for cyber attacks. These attacks are mainly carried out by using malicious software (Malware). Generally, Malware are classified based on their primary traits. One of the primary traits of Malware is Payload capabilities.

“One of the most popular payload of Malware today is software that will allow the infected computer to be placed under the remote control of an attacker for the purpose of launching attacks. This infected robot computer is called a bot or zombie. When hundreds, thousands, or even millions of bot computers are gathered into a logical computer network, they create a botnet under the control of a bot herder” [1].

Assume you have an interview for a cyber-security analyst position with Silver Security Solutions company. You are supposed to be prepared about the botnet, their types, threats, and mitigation tools. In this context write a report including the following sections:

A.   Introduction about Botnet and its impact on the society. This section must discuss the report outline

B.   Discussion of any three variants of Botnet

C.   Botnet Architecture

D.   Botnet operation and communication

E.    Potential threats posed by a Botnet

F.  Recommendations on any two mitigation techniques/tools to tackle the Botnet attack and discuss the effectiveness of the selected tools

G.   Discussion on any three Networked Applications targeted/attacked by Botnet from current literature review

H.   Summary

I.       References

The Viva voce (oral exam) of the assignment will take place during Laboratory session in Week 8. The student has to answer the viva questions related to the assignment.

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