Project Execution and Control


Subject Code and Title  :      PROJ6003 Project Execution and Control

Assessment                      :     Assessment 1: Change Management (2 parts)
                                                  Part A: Module 1-2 Discussion Forum
                                                  Part B: Change Control

Individual/Group :                 Individual

Length                                 :  Part A: 600 words
                                             :  Part B: 1000 words/student

Total Marks                       :   Part A: 15 marks
                                            :   Part B: 35 marks

During project execution, project managers ensure that project work is completed as specified in the Project Management Plan and according to project requirements. Requirements may change throughout the course of a project. Changes need to be controlled, ensuring all of their impacts upon the project are managed effectively and are incorporated into existing management plans and project baselines.
The process of directing and managing project work requires project managers to take on numerous responsibilities and to exhibit characteristics such as attention to detail, constant communication and effective leadership.


For this Assessment refer to the assessment case study found in Key Learning Resources.

There are two parts for this assessment: 1 Discussion Forum (Part A) that prepares students to write a Change Management Plan (Part B).

Each student will construct an initial response in approximately 350 words to the following questions and post on the Module discussion forums. Students will be graded individually on how students demonstrate/share project change management theories and contribute to the general discussion of the topic over weeks 2, 3 & 4 as well as their 250-words written response. The initial and responding posts must be submitted by the end of Module 2 (Total 600 words).
Part A: Module 1-2 Discussion Forums

Managing Project Changes

Why is change management a necessary component of project management? What processes or strategies do you think would work best to analyze changes and perform a change request on the project in the given/approved case study? Recall any tools or techniques you have used to stay organized and keep professional projects on track. How have these tools and techniques helped you to manage changes? Perhaps you created schedules using software like ProjectLibre or Microsoft Project. Or, potentially, you created a task list using MS Word or an application on your mobile device. Maybe, you used an issue tracking software to monitor progress.


Part A – Complete your posts by the end of Module 2.
Part B: Change Control

Based upon the given/approved case study, in groups or as an individual, develop a report on change control. In the report:

1.     Identify what processes are involved in submitting a request to deal with the changes necessary from your understanding of the case study.

2.     Identify and critically analyze changes required and the impacts on scope, time, cost and quality of the project and the techniques used to manage them.

3.     Identify and discuss options to satisfy each change request and any risks associated to the options.

4.     Complete the change request/control form provided or one that is used from a workplace.

The written part of your change control report should consist of 1000 words/student.
If you work in group, nominate a group leader and this group leader will submit the assessment on behalf of the group.


Complete and submit your change control report by the end of Module 3.

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